Meaning: Mollify (calm)

The English word „mollify“ comes from the Latin „mollificare“, which means „to soften“. In modern English, it is mainly used in the sense of „to soothe“ or „to appease“. It is a verb and can be used in various contexts.

Examples of use

  1. Resolving conflicts : „The manager tried to mollify the angry customers by offering them a discount.“
  2. Soothe emotions : „She spoke softly to mollify his hurt feelings.“
  3. To settle a dispute : „They brought in a mediator to mollify the tense negotiations.“

Synonyms and related words

  • Pacify (befrieden)
  • Placate (appease)
  • Appease (appease)
  • Soothe

Use in everyday language

„Mollify“ is a more formal word and is often used in written or official contexts. It can be applied in various situations where someone or something needs to be calmed or appeased.

Examples of German translations

  1. Calm down : „The mother tried to mollify her crying baby.“
  2. Appease : „The CEO’s speech was intended to mollify the concerns of the investors.“


The word „mollify“ is a useful and versatile verb in English that is used to calm or soothe someone or something. It has applications in a variety of fields and is a valuable word to add to your English vocabulary.

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