Origin and use

The word „mitigate“ comes from the Latin „mitigare,“ which means „to mitigate“ or „to appease.“ It has been in use in English since the 15th century and has found its way into various fields, including law, medicine, environmental science, and economics.


  1. Law: „The lawyer presented evidence to mitigate the severity of the defendant’s sentence.“
  2. Medicine: „The new medication helps to mitigate the symptoms of the disease.“
  3. Environment: „Efforts are being made to mitigate the effects of climate change.“
  4. Economics: „The company implemented strategies to mitigate financial losses during the recession.“

Synonyms and related words

Some synonyms for „mitigate“ are: alleviate, lessen, reduce, soften, and ease. These words can often be used interchangeably, depending on the context.


„Mitigate“ is a regular verb. Here are the forms in present, past and perfect tenses:

  • Präsens: mitigate (I mitigate, you mitigate, he/she/it mitigates, we mitigate, they mitigate)
  • Präteritum: mitigated (I mitigated, you mitigated, he/she/it mitigated, we mitigated, they mitigated)
  • Perfekt: mitigated (I have mitigated, you have mitigated, he/she/it has mitigated, we have mitigated, they have mitigated)

Use in everyday life

Although „mitigate“ often appears in formal or academic writing, it can also be used in everyday life to describe a situation in which something is made less bad. For example:

  • „Taking deep breaths can help mitigate stress.“
  • „Wearing sunscreen mitigates the harmful effects of the sun.“


„Mitigate“ is a useful word in English that is often used to describe actions or strategies aimed at reducing negative impacts. It is a versatile verb that can be useful in many areas of daily life and in professional contexts.

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