Definition: The English word „malleable“ comes from the Latin word „malleabilis“, which means „malleable“ or „formable“. It describes the property of a material that can be deformed without breaking or tearing. The word is also used figuratively to describe people or ideas that are adaptable or influenceable.

Pronunciation: Malleable is pronounced [ˈmæl.i.ə.bəl].

Uses in physics and engineering: In materials science, „malleable“ describes metals such as gold, silver, and copper that can be easily beaten into thin sheets or bent into various shapes without breaking. This property is especially important in metalworking and in the manufacture of jewelry and electronics.

Metaphorical meaning: In a figurative sense, „malleable“ describes people or concepts that are flexible and adaptable. For example, you could say:

  • „Children are highly malleable and can quickly adapt to new learning environments.“
  • „The project manager needs to be malleable to accommodate changing client requirements.“

Examples in everyday life:

  1. Material: „Aluminum is a very malleable metal, which is why it is used in making foil and cans.“
  2. Person: „She has a malleable personality, always ready to embrace new ideas and challenges.“
  3. Idea: „The business plan is still malleable and can be adjusted according to market trends.“


  • Adaptable
  • Flexible
  • Pliable (flexible)
  • Ductile (dehnbar)


  • Rigid (starr)
  • Inflexible (inflexible)
  • Stubborn

Conclusion: Malleable is a versatile word used in both materials science and everyday language. It describes the ability of materials to deform without damage and the ability of people and ideas to adapt to new situations. This word is a great example of the rich and precise expression of the English language.

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