Licentious is an adjective describing behavior that is morally or legally considered licentious, lewd, or licentious. It is often used to describe someone who defies societal norms and rules, especially those related to sexual freedom.

His licentious behavior at the party shocked everyone.

Here, “licentious” is used to describe someone who has behaved in a way that is considered inappropriate and morally questionable.

Everyday use

The word ‚licentious‘ is rarely heard in everyday language and is more commonly used in literary, academic, or formal contexts. However, it can be useful for accurately describing certain types of behavior.


  1. The novel explores the licentious lifestyle of the protagonist, who defies societal norms.
  2. In history, many leaders were criticized for their licentious conduct, which often led to scandal and downfall.


The word ‚licentious‘ comes from the Latin ‚licentiosus‘, meaning ‚unbridled‘ or ‚permissive‘. It has its roots in the word ‚licentia‘, meaning ‚liberty‘ or ‚permission‘. It was adopted into English in the 16th century and has retained a similar meaning ever since.

Synonyms and related terms

There are several words in English that have similar meanings to “licentious”:

  • Immoral: Generally refers to something that violates moral norms.
  • Dissolute: Describes a lack of moral restraint, often in relation to lifestyle and behavior.
  • Unrestrained: Means without control or restriction, but can be used in a less negative context.


Licentious is a powerful word used to describe behavior that crosses moral or legal boundaries. It is especially useful in formal and literary contexts to describe specific types of licentious or lewd behavior. By learning and understanding such words, we enrich our vocabulary and our ability to express complex ideas and behaviors.

We hope this post has helped you better understand the word licentious and add it to your English vocabulary. Try using it in sentences to get a feel for its meaning and usage.

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