Meaning of „Largess“

„Largess“ means generosity or liberality, especially in the form of gifts or donations. It describes the generous distribution of money or other resources, often without expectation of anything in return. Here are some examples of how the word can be used:

  • Individuelle Großzügigkeit: „Her largess towards the charity was highly appreciated.“
  • Public or institutional generosity : „The foundation’s largess has funded numerous educational programs.“

Origin and history

The word „largess“ comes from the Old French „largesse,“ meaning „generosity“ or „munificence.“ This in turn has its roots in the Latin „largus,“ meaning „abundant“ or „generous.“ In the Middle Ages, the word entered English and retained its original meaning.

Usage in modern English

In modern English, „largess“ is often used in formal or literary contexts. It is not as common in everyday speech, but it is often used in speeches, literature, and reports to describe a generous act or a large donation. Here are some typical uses:

  1. Literarische und formelle Texte: „The largess of the philanthropist was known far and wide.“
  2. Medien und Nachrichtenberichte: „The company’s largess helped rebuild the community after the disaster.“

Synonyms and related terms

There are several synonyms and related terms that are often used in the same context as „largess“:

  • Generosity : General generosity.
  • Munificence : Generosity in giving gifts or money.
  • Benevolence : charity and kindness.
  • Philanthropy : charitable commitment and willingness to donate.


„Largess“ is a word that describes deep generosity and acts of giving. It has a rich history and is used today mainly in formal contexts. By understanding and using such terms correctly, we can improve our English and enrich our expression.

Have you ever heard or used the word „largess“? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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