Meaning of „Jostle“

The verb „jostle“ essentially means to jostle or shove someone or something. It is often used to describe situations where people or objects are in close contact with each other and are pushing or shoving each other. In English, „jostle“ could be translated as „to push“ or „to shove.“

Use of „Jostle“ in different contexts

  1. In crowds:
    • Beispiel: „The commuters jostled each other as they tried to board the train.“
    • Translation: „The commuters jostled each other as they tried to board the train.“
  2. In a Competition:
    • Beispiel: „Several companies are jostling for the top position in the market.“
    • Translation: „Several companies are fighting for the top position in the market.“
  3. Figuratively:
    • Beispiel: „The different ideas jostled in his mind, each vying for attention.“
    • Translation: „The various ideas crowded into his head, each fighting for attention.“

Synonyms and related terms

There are several words that have similar meanings to „jostle“. Here are some synonyms:

  • Bump
  • Shove
  • Push
  • Elbow

Tips for using „Jostle“

  • In everyday life: Use „jostle“ to describe physical interactions in crowds or confined spaces.
  • In business: Use jostle to illustrate competition or a struggle for resources or position.
  • In a figurative sense, use „jostle“ to describe competing ideas or thoughts.

Examples from literature

To further illustrate the use of „jostle,“ here are some quotes from English-language literature:

  1. „The narrow streets were crowded with people, jostling each other as they hurried to their destinations.“ – Beschreibung einer geschäftigen Straße.
  2. „In the political arena, candidates often jostle for visibility and support from the voters.“ – Beschreibung politischer Kampagnen.


The word „jostle“ is a useful and versatile English word that can be used in many different contexts. It describes the act of jostling and shoving, both in a physical and metaphorical sense. By adding this word to your English vocabulary, you can enrich your expression and communicate more precisely.

We hope this post helped you better understand the meaning and usage of „jostle“. If you have any other questions about English words or expressions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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